Cultural expression

The situation in Iran has not improved in the last 10 years, it has even worsened. Censorship and suppression of free speech as well as human rights violations are serious problems that need to be addressed and brought to the attention of the international community.

The project is an effort that highlights the need for action to address the current challenges in Iran. Art is a powerful tool for activism and social change, and this book is a creative and thought-provoking expression of that message.

Freedom of speech 


2010 – Lyon, France

The book serves as a powerful statement on censorship and lack of freedom in Iran, and it highlights the ongoing struggle of the people to access information and express themselves freely. The concept of tearing pages to access information speaks to the difficulty in accessing information in countries where censorship is prevalent.

Freedom of speech


2011. The Biennale Internationale Design. Saint-Étienne, France

The use of threads as a symbol of hair in this context highlights the power of individual expression and cultural identity, and how these can be used as tools of resistance against censorship and oppression. The act of removing hijab or tearing pages to access information can be seen as a statement of defiance and a demonstration of the desire for freedom and knowledge in the face of restrictive regimes. These symbols also represent the bravery and determination of those who refuse to be silenced, and who continue to fight for their rights and freedoms. The project is a unique and impactful way to bring attention to the ongoing situation in Iran and to raise awareness about the ongoing fight for freedom and equality.

Toronto, Canada


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